HTML and CSS Reference
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. Keywords should appear in the body of the page. Do not add keywords
to the meta tag that are synonyms of other keywords if those synonyms
are absent from the body content. Search engines may rank your site
lower if they think the keywords misrepresent the content.
. Keep the list short. Over time, you can use the analytical tools provided
by Google, Yahoo!, and other search sites to see what keywords people
actually used to ind your site and adjust your meta tags and content
A meta element with the http-equiv attribute must also have a content
attribute. he value of the http_equiv attribute is a “pragma” name, essentially
an HTTP request option. Most of the pragmas are now handled with other
elements. he only remaining pragma of interest is “Refresh,” which directs
the browser to load or reload a page ater some delay. It is useful for pages that
relect up-to-the-second information.
For example, a news organization's front page could include the following
markup in the page's  head  element to make that page automatically reload
every 300 seconds (5 minutes):
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="300"/>
To specify that a diferent page should be loaded in place of the current
page, the URL is given in the content, separated from the delay time by a
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="10;url=another_page.html"/>
If a meta refresh is used on a page, it should be the only meta refresh in
that document. Setting the time delay to 0 efectively creates a redirect. How-
ever, if the need to redirect visitors from one page to another is permanent, it
is more eicient to use the web server's Redirect directive in the virtual server's
coniguration section or in a .htaccess ile.
link elementS
he link element allows a document to be linked to other resources. he
destination of the link element is provided by the  href  attribute, which must
be present and must contain a valid URL. A link  element must also have a rel
attribute to indicate the type of relationship the link represents. A link element
is ignored if either the href or rel attribute is missing.
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