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example 5.5: toggled content using jQuery (continued)
<body style="padding: 18px;">
<h2>Frequently Asked Questions</h2>
<p class="note">Click on a Question to see the answer.
Click again to hide the answer.</p>
<dl id="faqs">
<dt onclick="faqShowHide('#a1')">
Why are they always doing road construction work at night?
<dd id="a1">
<p> The volume of traffic during the day ... </p>
<dt onclick="faqShowHide('#a2')">
Who decides to resurface a particular street?
<dd id="a2">
<p> Anyone can request that a particular ... </p>
<dt onclick="faqShowHide('#a3')">
How can I find out when construction work will be completed?
<dd id="a3">
<p> In order to better inform the public ... </p>
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