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so that your target audience can ind it easily. An optimized site knows what
its target audience is searching for and is constructed accordingly. Headings,
links, images, and even ilenames are labeled incorporating keywords that
have signiicance to the target audience.
Other issues depend on the target audience. If the website's content is
intended for an international audience, the planning should include the
provision of foreign-language translations of key web pages. Other standards
may exist, depending on the website's purpose and intended audience. Some
published websites may be subject to the requirements of the Americans with
Disabilities Act and other national laws.
Perhaps you expect that a signiicant proportion of the site's visitors will be
people using browsers on mobile devices. If so, either the site's layout needs
to take into account how those browsers will display the web pages, or the
server should do browser detection and provide alternative formatting for
less-capable browsers. Twitter is a good example of a website that provides a
PC-based browser version at and an alternative ver-
sion at for mobile users.
Money makes the world go 'round. If revenue generation is your website's
purpose, your planning should consider the ive direct ways in which a website
can make money:
. Selling a product
. Providing a service to paying subscribers
. Selling space on your website to advertisers
. Earning referral fees by directing traic to ailiates
. Accepting donations
All of these tasks can occur on the same site, but each technique has implica-
tions for the website design and development approach. Money adds another
dimension to the planning. Any website that receives money from product
sales, paid subscriptions, and donations should have pages explaining the
terms of service and your organization's privacy policy. hese considerations
are less important with advertising sales and ailiate royalties, because those
relationships are business-to-business. he question is whether to build the
capabilities into your own website or to use third-party services to handle pay-
ments, product catalogs, subscribers, and advertisers.
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