HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Here are the important points to remember from this chapter:
Many services on the Web that allow users, subscribers, and custom-
ers to create content or edit personal proile information have a means
for entering both content and HTML markup. hese services vary in
the type of online editor they provide and the range of HTML markup
Blogging sotware lets you create complete websites without any knowl-
edge of HTML. However, knowledge of HTML and a good HTML editor
will enable you to create better websites.
Many websites have created their own markup languages that mix a sub-
set of HTML with proprietary tags for features unique to their service.
Wikipedia is an example of such a service.
Varying HTML support among the many diferent email clients makes
it diicult and impractical to compose messages directly with HTML
markup. Email marketing services such as Constant Contact simplify the
process for commercial email senders.
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