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solicitations—come from and what tools are used to create them. he answer
is: from email marketing services. 3
Constant Contact is one of the more popular email marketing services. A
Constant Contact customer creates and maintains a database of email recipi-
ents with the service and composes formatted emails using Constant Contact's
web-based editor and online templates. Constant Contact charges a monthly
fee for its service based on the number of recipient email addresses.
Constant Contact's approach is to build an email as a series of sections or
blocks. Rather than bringing the entire email message into the editor, only
one block is edited at a time. he editor has many of the same features as other
WYSIWYG editors, including a button for directly editing a block's HTML
content. Figure 4.23 shows the beginning of the editing process for a newslet-
ter, with the introductory paragraph being edited. he section being edited
Figure 4.23: Editing an HTML email using Constant Contact
3. Spammers do not use commercial email marketing services. hey use custom spamming sotware that
directly connects to outgoing email servers. Such spamming sotware is installed by Internet worms and
other malware on the ordinary computers of unsuspecting users.
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