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The wat can be reached by road from [[Chiang Mai]] . From the car park,
at the temple base visitors can climb 309 steps for free to reach the
pagodas or there is a tram.
Figure 4.21 shows the Wikipedia editor with the preceding content and
markup. Clicking the Show preview button at the bottom of the panel displays
the result above the editing window's toolbar.
Figure 4.21: The Wikipedia article editor
Placing images in a Wikipedia article is a little more complicated. Wikipe-
dia allows only images in articles that have been uploaded to Wikipedia and
checked for appropriate use and correct copyright information. Every Wikipe-
dia image lives on a media page that provides this reference information. his
approach is understandable. If Wikipedia permitted external images to appear
in articles, it wouldn't know, from one moment to the next, if that image were
replaced with a diferent image that was inappropriate for the article.
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