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eBay Selling
eBay, the popular online auction site, has enabled people around the world to
sell their used and excess products eiciently. However, the success of eBay
means that any given product oten has many competing merchants. he
secret to getting the best price for your goods on eBay is creating an attractive
selling page with content that highlights the product's features in a way that
gives potential customers conidence in the seller.
he eBay product creation page is a form with various ields for information
about the product you want to sell. In the middle of the page is an editor for
entering the product's description. he editor features Standard and HTML
modes for composing the description. Figure 4.19 shows this editor, into which
I've entered content for auctioning an old vinyl EP.
Figure 4.19: eBay's product description editor
Product images that will appear on the selling page are entered in another
form and will be automatically scaled and positioned on the inished selling
page. In the description, however, I would like to style the song titles as head-
ings, marked with citation elements for the beneit of the search robots. To do
this, I need to switch to HTML editing mode. Because the generated HTML
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