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published. It can also import, edit, and save an existing post or drat. Win-
dows Live Writer can even publish directly to a blog, complete with categories,
tags, and publication date.
here are several places on a blog where content with limited HTML
markup can be entered but no built-in editor is available. his includes post
excerpts, comments on posts, and category and other item descriptions. A
good example is the practice of coding an excerpt for a post. On some blogs,
excerpts can appear in post listings, search result pages, RSS feeds, and email
A common practice among bloggers is to code a post excerpt with a thumb-
nail version of the post's principal image. You can do this by hand, of course,
but it's easier to use a post editor's HTML or Source option. To illustrate this,
I used Windows Live Writer to create a blog post about the America's Cup
trophy from the content of Example 2.6 in Chapter 2, “he HTML Language.”
Ater saving the entry to my blog as a drat post, I switched to Source mode
and made a number of edits appropriate for a blog excerpt. Figure 4.10 shows
the excerpt as edited in Windows Live Writer.
Figure 4.10: Creating a blog post excerpt using Windows Live Writer
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