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A far better tool for creating Web content is Microsot's Windows Live
Writer—a free Windows desktop application that can be downloaded from
Microsot's Windows Live support website. Live Writer presents much of the
same user interface as TinyMCE but has a better layout and supports editing
many of the features that TinyMCE misses.
Figure 4.9 shows the editing of a new blog post using Windows Live Writer.
he post contains an embedded map from Bing, Microsot's search portal.
It was inserted into the post by clicking the link in the right sidebar's Insert
menu. (he arrow is pointing to it.)
Figure 4.9: Windows Live Writer post editor
To let you see and edit the HTML source code created by Windows Live
Writer, a Source tab is provided in the lower-let portion of the editing screen
(circled in Figure 4.9). What makes Windows Live Writer a great blog editor
is its capability to connect to any blog that supports the Atom Publishing Pro-
tocol. his means that Windows Live Writer can import a blog's CSS settings
to provide a Preview mode to see what the formatted page will look like when
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