HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 4.5: The Element Inspector in Google Chrome
As shown in Figure 4.5, the Element Inspector has many powerful features,
including the graphic display of an element's box properties. It provides a
nicely formatted listing of the HTML source code and the CSS associated with
each document element. It is also interactive, changing the displayed proper-
ties and values as you mouse over the various page elements.
he other tools, accessible from the Element Inspector's menu bar, ofer
additional information on the resources used by the page, as well as how the
browser loaded them. he Console tool is invaluable for debugging faulty
JavaScript functions. I encourage you to become familiar with these tools even
if you do not intend to get very deep into Web programming.
Other tools are available to help you work with HTML entirely through
your browser. Firebug for the Firefox browser is one of my favorites, as is the
Web Developer tools collection. Search the Internet for add-ons and exten-
sions to your favorite browser with keywords such as “web developer,” and you
will ind several that are free and easily installed.
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