HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Font properties are dependent on the fonts that reside on the readers'
devices and the resolution of their monitors. Web authors need to under-
stand that what they see on their computer is not what someone else
may see.
Foreground and background colors can be speciied using color names,
decimal, hexadecimal, and percentage red-green-blue values. Images can
be used as backgrounds for any element.
Block elements are displayed with settable padding, borders, and mar-
gins. Borders and list bullets come in a variety of styles.
Document elements can be removed from the normal content low and
explicitly positioned anywhere in the browser's viewport.
Elements can be displayed in a manner contrary to their nature using
the display property. Block elements can be made to low like an inline
element inside other content, and inline elements can be made to act
like blocks.
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