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Figure 3.23: Paragraphs embedded as inline-block elements
HTML elements with a display value of run-in are another form of hybrid
element. his setting provides a means to mash one element into the begin-
ning of the following block element. his is a useful technique when you run
out of ideas on what to do diferently with your headings. Example 3.24 shows
how a heading can be made to low into the following element as if it were an
inline part of that element.
Example 3.24: The level-four heading is incorporated into the following
paragraph 5
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Example 3.24</title>
<style type="text/css">
body { border: thin solid; padding: 0 1em; }
h4.smerge { display: run-in;
padding-right: 0.5em;
font: large sans-serif; }
<h4 class="smerge"> Market Smarts: </h4>
<p> The question is not whether the passerby wants to buy
your lemonade but whether he is thirsty. </p>
5. his is using the Safari browser. At the time this was written, the display property value of run-in was
not recognized by Firefox's HTML parser.
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