HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 3.12: images and text vertically aligned in a table
In addition to the three values top , middle , and bottom that are applicable to
table elements, the vertical-align property can have an ofset value speciied
in ixed or relative units. For example:
span.upper { vertical-align: 10px; }
p.under { vertical-align: -1em; }
div.topper { vertical-align: 50%; }
he vertical-align property can also take one of the following keyword
values: super , sub , text-top , or text-bottom . super and sub move the text to
positions appropriate for superscripts and subscripts. hey should be equivalent
to the efects of using the <sup> and <sub> HTML elements. text-top and text-
bottom instruct the browser to align the top or bottom, respectively, of the text's
inline box with the top or bottom of the parent element's content area.
Box Properties
Every HTML block element has a set of box properties that deine the char-
acteristics of the rectangular area that element occupies on the web page.
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