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Figure 3.4: Generic font families displayed
he font-style property can have any one of four values: normal , italic ,
oblique , or inherit . he normal style is a font with vertical strokes. Inherit
means to adopt the font-style property of the parent element. Italic style is
slanted in the forward direction of the text. Oblique is also slanted, but simply.
hat is, an oblique style is achieved by slanting the normal style, whereas an
italic style may be a separate font resource with diferent serifs on the charac-
ters or altered punctuation symbols. In the vast majority of cases this won't
make a diference and should not be relied on as an element of design. Here
are a couple examples:
address { font-style: italic; }
h4 cite { font-style: normal; }
he font-weight property can have the values normal , bold , and inherit . It
can also have the relative values bolder and lighter . Or it can take one of the
following “hundred” weights: 100 , 200 , 300 , 400 , 500 , 600 , 700 , 800 , or 900 . 100
is the lightest, and 900 is the boldest. here is no guarantee that a browser will
render text with a font weight of 700 any diferently than text with a weight
of 600, because this can depend on other font properties, such as font-family ,
font-size , and font-style . Here are a couple examples:
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