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form-to-email CGI script. Search the Web for “formmail.cgi” to ind a copy
you can upload to your server if there isn't one there already. Be sure to read
the instructions in the README ile to learn how to prevent your script from
being used by spammers.
Figure 2.26: input form with input text fields, radio buttons, and checkboxes
he select element provides a method of creating single- and multiple-
choice inputs. As with radio buttons and checkboxes, the user is presented
with a collection of predeined choices. However, the select element is repre-
sented on the web page as a single, compact form control. he select element is
a container with one or more option elements as its only permitted child ele-
ments. For example, the “gender” question in Example 2.26 could be presented
as a select element with the following code:
<p> Gender:
<select name="sex">
<option value="male"> Male </option>
<option value="female"> Female </option>
<option value="other"> Other </option>
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