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Example 2.21: A table with spanned rows and columns (continued)
<th> Venus </th>
<td> 108,200,000 </td><td> .72 </td><td> 225 days </td><td> 243 days </td>
<th> Earth </th>
<td> 149,600,000 </td><td> 1.0 </td><td> 365 days </td><td> 24 hrs </td>
<th> Mars </th>
<td> 227,900,000 </td><td> 1.5 </td><td> 687 days </td><td> 24.6 hrs </td>
Figure 2.21 shows how the code in Example 2.21 appears in a browser.
Figure 2.21: A table with spanned rows and columns
It goes without saying that web developers must be careful when using the
rowspan and colspan attributes not to wind up with a table that has the wrong
number of cells in a row or column. his generally yields unpredictable results.
Initially a web designer's best friend, tables have fallen out of favor recently
because robots and editing sotware have diiculty understanding them due to
their complexity. When tables are coded by hand, the author generally knows
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