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[ 6 ] One example of this argument is given by Thomas Cargill in “Controversy: The Case Against Mul-
tiple Inheritance in C++,” Computing Surveys Vol. 4 No. 1 (winter, 1991).
[ 7 ] At this point, we are ignoring the exceptions that can be raised by a method. This is in part for simpli-
city, in part because methods in Java cannot be distinguished purely on the basis of different exception
values, and in part because we will be discussing exceptions in a separate chapter.
[ 8 ] Ted Goldstein, late of Sun Labs and then of Apple Computer, first described this particular example
of the general problem of undifferentiated method names in interfaces to me.
[ 9 ] This could actually lead to a notion of the tragedy of the common namespace. If no one uses names
like this, it is fine for you to do it. But if anyone else does, you shouldn't. But there are other reasons
that you shouldn't, so don't.
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