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strikeOut, fieldOut, base1, base2, base3, base4, walk,
reachOnError, sacrifice
* Return the batter's name. Note that the
* interface does not define how the name is set;
* this will be done when the object implementing the
* interface is created and cannot be changed.
* @return The name of the batter, as a string
String getName();
* Method used to record an at-bat. The result
* of the at-bat is passed in and recorded.
* @param what The result of the at-bat
void atBat(AtBatResult what);/**
* Return the batting average for the hitter, defined as
* number of hits divided by the number of at-bats.
* @return The batting average, as a float
float getAverage();
* Return the on-base percentage for this hitter, defined as
* (hits + walks)/at-bats.
* @return the on-base percentage
float getOBP();
* Return the slugging percentage for the batter, defined as
* (total number of bases)/at-bats.
* @return The slugging percentage, as a float
float getSlugging();
* Return the total number of bases for the hitter.
* @return Total bases, as an integer
int getTotalBases();
* Return the total number of at-bats for this hitter. Note that
* walks and sacrifices do not count as at-bats.
* @return
int getAtBats();
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