Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
As you work with archival film sources, keep in mind that the exact size and resolu-
tion of film stock varies considerably and that the values quoted here for picture sizes are
nominal guidelines only. The chapter on digital imaging revisits the commonly used 2K,
4K, and 6K resolutions for digital film work.
The caveat stated at the beginning of this chapter applies here too: The resolution
chosen for calculating image sizes is based on quoted values from a variety of sources.
However, you may scan at a higher or lower resolution than the 115 pixels per mm used
here. You will need to make adjustments to take that into account if you are doing any
capacity planning. Your mileage may vary.
In the next two chapters, video and digital imaging are studied. A few minor issues
having to do with film will come up again later on in the discussion of some of the more
esoteric aspects of video compression.
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