Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Dust laden image
Dust particle detail
Scratch detail
Figure 4-26 Dust and scratches.
Tears and punctures after scanning damaged film
Figure 4-27 Examples of film damage.
Hardware Solutions
The Cintel company that makes Telecine units has a product called Oliver that is designed
to cope with damaged film as it is scanned. It fixes the effects of a scratch by looking for
areas where the refractive damage has occurred and recombining the scattered light with
a clever algorithm to restore the image.
Snell and Wilcox offer similar restorative equipment (Alchemist.PhC) for video con-
tent. This may be useful for restoring film as well.
Digital Intermediate Processes
The traditional way of making movies was purely mechanical. Splices were done manu-
ally and the color grading was done with filters and timed exposures. Although they are
automated now, the processes have been fundamentally the same for many years.
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