Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
A standard that describes data conferencing. It includes
references to T.121, T.122, T.123, T.124, T.126, and T.127.
Transmission Control Protocol/Internetworking Protocol
describes the message format and connection mechanisms
that make the Internet possible. It is built on top of UDP. It
contains ack/nak (acknowledge/negative acknowledge)
protocols to ensure that all packets have arrived It does this at
the expense of timeliness.
The open-source video-compression counterpart to the Ogg
Vorbis encoder.
A company that developed the first widely available PVR
product. Their name is becoming synonymous with PVR
products in the same way that the word Xerox is often used to
describe any copy machine. Strictly speaking, you should not
describe something as a TiVo unless it is a TiVo-manufactured
PVR, and describing products by other manufacturers as 'TiVo
like' is also considered detrimental. These PVR devices are also
sometimes known as DVR devices, since they operate with
digitized video even when their I/O is analogue.
On a Digital Satellite system (DSat), the transport stream is
delivered one per transponder. Each transponder is quite
separate from the others.
Transport stream
A stream that carries one or more video programs from the
broadcaster to the client.
Data messages embedded in streams can carry event-based
information to cause things to happen in the client device.
Triple play
Video, telephony, and broadband services delivered via a single
cable. Also used in other contexts to describe TV receivers that
play VHS cassettes and DVDs.
Truespeech is a codec used for low-bandwidth encoding of
speech (not music). It was created by the DSP Group.
TV-Anytime Forum.
A standard that describes the metadata required to make a
distributed PVR service work.
Universal Datagram Protocol. This is a lower-level protocol
under TCP/IP that guarantees immediate transfer of data but
may lose some packets.
The SMPTE standards work that is preparing Windows Media
Series 9 for ratification is known as VC-1.
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