Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
A platform for developing and playing rich multimedia, video,
and interactive content. It is not a codec but a platform. It has
some unique codecs that are not available anywhere else but
you should be using open-standard codecs rather than these.
When it is referring to a video format, it is talking about a codec
jointly developed by Apple and Sorenson. It gets improved from
time to time as successive versions of QuickTime are released.
This is a popular name for the Sorenson codecs.
The technical name for the collection of scan lines that make up
a TV picture.
Real Networks video
Originally shipped in 1996 as a derivative of the Real Networks
audio system. It has undergone a more or less annual revision.
As of 2004, it is broadly comparable to H.264 in terms of its
compression efficiency and quality. A longtime favorite and
versatile video playback format. It is proven and reliable. The
server and player technology should live on to play the newer
open-standard codecs even if the Real Networks video format
itself becomes less popular. These are the guys that started it all.
REC 601
A standard recommendation for the coding of 4:2:2 sampled
images. It is the primary standard for studio-based and
professional systems.
Red-green-blue. The triad of colors used in CRT displays.
Real-Time Protocol.
Royal Television Society.
Real-Time Streaming Protocol.
Spectral Band Replication. A technique for encoding high-
quality audio more efficiently.
Stream Control Transmission Protocol. This is designed for
telephony and video-conferencing applications. Its major benefit
is that it has the low transport latency of UDP and supports
many connections at each end. This allows the transmitting end
to be supported by multiple hosts so it can fail over and allow
the receiving end to be one or more clients.
Serial Digital Interface. Used commonly in studio environments.
The TV standard used in France, which corresponds to PAL and
NTSC. It stands for “Systeme Electronique Couleur Avec
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