Image Processing Reference
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Local Area Network. Usually Ethernet running at 10 Megabits
or 100 Megabits. Sometimes 1000 Mbits are deployed and
referred to as Gigabit Ethernet.
Liquid Crystal Display. A special form of crystal that changes
the amount of light propagated through it when an electrical
charge is placed on either side of it. Polarizing filters are used to
display a light or dark segment of a display. Originally used in
calculators, it can now be used in TV displays.
Light-Emitting Diode. A self-illuminating display used to make
flat-screen TV sets.
Low Noise Block in a satellite receiving dish.
MPEG 4 Industry Forum. See MPEGIF.
Mac address
The genuinely unique network hardware address for your
Ethernet interface. This is supposed to be guaranteed to be
unique worldwide but some manufacturers of Ethernet interface
cards have used the same number multiple times. Be careful of
this when adding networking capability to machines on the
same sub-network with multiple cards from one manufacturer.
Video pictures are degenerated to blocks of 16
16 or 8
pixels so that similarities can be found.
Macromedia Flash
Useful for embedding into multimedia presentations but has
some limitations due to its proprietary nature. It is ubiquitous.
Megabits per second. Digital video transmitted via satellite
using MPEG-2 compression typically uses 3.5 to 4.5 Mb/s to
carry the content stream.
Media center
A centralized system that contains media for sharing among
several or more client systems.
Mesh (1)
A set of connected polygons that describe a surface onto which a
texture can be mapped. Used in MPEG-4 as part of the
structured video coding and display mechanism.
Mesh (2)
A networking strategy where broadband connections through a
community can be organized using a mesh of connected nodes.
Sometimes called a community mesh or peer-to-peer network.
The Digital Anarchy Microcosm codec is a 64-bit lossless
implementation. It delivers excellent quality but has limited
availability. Digital Anarchy has a variety of alternative codecs
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