Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Association for Computing Machinery.
ACM Siggraph
ACM Special Interest in Graphics Group.
Active picture area
This is the part of the picture that we are most interested in when
compressing video. Outside of this are synchronization signals and
blank lines, some of which carry data and subtitling information.
Adaptive Quantizing
A means of controlling the quantization of the audio or video
according to the instantaneous demands of the compression bit-
stream output.
Analog-to-Digital Converter.
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. Domestic high-speed
broadband interface using the existing telephone network. The
upload and download speeds are not the same.
Audio Engineering Society.
A standardized format for digital audio that is much used in the
broadcasting environment. High-end equipment will have an
AES digital input or output.
An artifact on the video that shows a disjoint that is most
noticeable when objects in the scene are moving horizontally.
A means of squashing the picture when written to the storage
medium (video or film) and then expanding it on playback.
Isomorphic stretching is a zoom. Anamorphic stretching
happens in just one axis, so it is used to make widescreen
images when the delivery mechanism is a standard aspect ratio.
This is a special QuickTime codec developed for use with
animated content. At the best-quality setting it is lossless. The
color space is the highest possible resolution and samples at
4:4:4. The performance is optimal for large, flat areas of the same
color and text. This is useful for working on credit sequences
and is also used as a transfer codec by animators and effects
artists. It is available wherever QuickTime is installed.
American National Standards Institute.
A method for smoothing the jagged edges (stair steps) often seen
in graphics or video. The method reduces the jagged edges by
placing intermediate shades of color or gray around the steps.
Applications Programming Interface.
Active Streaming Format. A Microsoft file format for digital
video playback over the Internet or on a standalone computer.
Kind of a wrapper around any of a number of compression types,
including MPEG. Part of Netshow, a proprietary
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