Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 4-15 Supersound super stripe unit.
The same technique for adding sound stripe down the sprocketed edge of the film
was provided by Supersound for all the major film gauges that were in common use at the
Film is scanned using a telecine unit when converting to video, or a film scanner when
making a digital version for computer manipulation. Professional systems are very expen-
sive and way beyond the means of the amateur user with a collection of home movies to
How Telecine Works
Film-to-TV transfer has been around for some time. There are fundamentally two tech-
nical solutions. One is to present a moving point source of light that scans the film sur-
face using the same technique as a TV set; the other is to use a charge coupled device
(CCD) sensor. The older technique is to place a cathode ray tube (CRT) at one end of the
machine and fly a spot across it. The film is then positioned between that flying spot and
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