Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Beware that some DN connectors are also used for control inputs and might carry
higher-than-expected DC voltages.
Carrying some DIN breakout cables might be a good idea. These have a DIN con-
nector on one end and phono (RCA jack) connectors on tails at the other end with
a box of back-to-back couplers. They let you make up a variety of connections
between different plug and socket configurations.
Optical-Fiber Connectors
The costs of optical-fiber connections are becoming low enough that they are being more
widely deployed.
M-7 Optical-Fiber Connectors
Apple hybrid 3.5 mini jack
with optical coupler
SPDIF optical
Fibre channel
Avoid bending or flexing optical fiber cables. They are made of glass and can crack
Optical fiber cables should not be bent round a tight corner.
Power Connectors
While the mains socket on the wall will be different, the connector on the back of your
equipment will be the same all over the world.
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