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M-2 Video Connectors (Continued)
MUSA patch bay U-Link
RF antenna connector
Gather together a collection of adapters and couplers. This will sometimes get you
out of difficulty when connecting a new piece of equipment.
Cables with BNC connectors are usually good for very long distances. Fifty feet
should be fine for most situations where a good signal level is injected at the
input. Don't be silly and run five miles of cable. It won't work without
Having some long cables that you can loop back is useful for testing circuits.
Very long cables can be used as attenuators in an emergency. Obviously they
aren't calibrated but you can rely on the signal loss to reduce a 'hot' output. It
might introduce some noise though.
Buy some attenuators.
Make sure you connect like with like. Don't connect component signals to
composite inputs. It looks like it works sometimes but you lose the colour
Avoid connecting video equipment using RF (antenna cables). Its OK for moni-
toring purposes but not much else. On the other hand, old TV receivers make
cheap monitors but may only have RF connectors. You won't want to do this if
you are a broadcaster, but the amateur videographer and compressionist can
economize in many ways like this.
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