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M-1 Signal Types (Continued)
Consumer and
Special SPDIF connectors on the
semi-professional digital
equipment or lately provided
audio connected using
through a special 3.5mm
optical fiber.
jack-compatible connector in
Apple iMac G5 systems.
Also known as IEEE 1394
A 6-pin connection can supply
and iLink.
bus power and a smaller 4-pin
connection will not.
Common variants known
A flat, 4-pin connector available
as USB 1.0 and USB 2.0.
in several form factors.
Used for connecting
keyboards, mice,
low-capacity storage
devices, and outboard
audio/MIDI interfaces.
Icons and Symbols
FireWire equipment should carry the proper icon adjacent to the FireWire connectors. The
panel with the connector may or may not have the word FireWire (Figure M-1) there as
well; it might have the number 1394 nearby, too.
Equipment manufactured and licensed by Sony will carry the iLink logo rather than
the FireWire logo (Figure M-2).
USB equipment has several logos. The important icon that is placed on cables and
connectors is shown in Figure M-3.
Figure M-1 FireWire logo.
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