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M-1 Signal Types (Continued)
streams. Most commonly
you will find this being
driven at 25 Mbps (DV25)
or 50 Mbps (DV50).
Beware of the specifics,
because there are
differences between the
American and European
bit structures and the
hardware may support
one or more of a variety
of SDI-based protocols.
Although there are digital
A single-screened cable and
versions of this kind of
connector using an RCA jack
signal, this is most often
(a.k.a phono plug).
an analog signal. This is
predominantly a consumer
format although some
offline studio and desktop
equipment for monitoring
may use this, too.
Designed as a superior
A 4-way cable with special
connector, which delivers
mini-plugs at each end. In an
the luma and chroma
emergency, an Apple ADB
signals down separate
keyboard cable will serve as
an S-Video connector. This
signal may also be delivered
via a SCART (Peritel) connector.
Consumer audio
Line-level signals compatible
RCA jacks, otherwise known as
with hi-fi separates.
phono plugs. Sometimes the
audio is supplied on
quarter-inch jacks and also
mini-jacks (3.5mm diameter).
Balanced analog
Studio and professional-style
XLR jacks with latching
audio connectivity.
AES digital audio
Often embedded into a
A variety of connection options
video signal.
from hardwired, Krone
frames, quarter-inch jacks,
and bantam jacks.
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