Image Processing Reference
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Formats Versus Players
What Plays What
Although the support for different formats changes from time to time, the players gener-
ally continue to support a format once they have adopted it. An exception to this is the
Microsoft Windows Media player, which used to play Real Media files but no longer sup-
ports them.
Real Networks
The latest versions of the Real Networks player support the following audio and video file
All file formats for Real Networks, RealSystems, RealONE, and so forth.
HTML web pages
JavaScript script content
ActiveX controls (but only on Windows platforms)
SMIL multimedia files
Flash animations
QuickTime movie files
Windows AVI files
MPEG MP3 audio files
MPEG 1, 2, and 4 audio/video files
AAC audio files
Windows Media
The most recent version of Windows Media Player Series 10 Beta supports the following
audio and video file formats:
All Windows and Microsoft proprietary media file formats
CD audio tracks ( .cda )
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