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from the compression tool. The calculation comes down to storing a certain number of
hours of content. Table I-3 summarizes the storage capacity for a 5-minute clip in a vari-
ety of formats. This was tested fairly unscientifically and is only intended to give a basic
idea of file sizes to assist with your capacity planning.
Table I-3 File Sizes Versus Formats
File size
3GPP 64 Kbps (H.263)
2.867 MB
3GPP 64 Kbps (MPEG-4)
2.867 MB
ISMA Profile 0 (MPEG-4)
6.9 MB
ISMA Profile 1 (MPEG-4)
13.9 MB
QuickTime Sorenson Video 2
73.9 MB
QuickTime Video
96.4 MB
QuickTime Sorenson Video 3.1
90.9 MB
QuickTime MPEG-4 Part 2
99.9 MB
MPEG-2 multiplexed stream
150.0 MB
QuickTime Motion JPEG B
154.1 MB
QuickTime Motion JPEG A
154,9 MB
QuickTime JPEG 2000
160.5 MB
QuickTime uncompressed 8-bit 4:2:2
165.7 MB
MPEG-2 broadcast compatible (Audio and video split into 2 files,
198.9 MB
total size given)
QuickTime H.263 codec at best quality
209.7 MB
QuickTime uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2
271.4 MB
QuickTime Pixlet codec
310.5 MB
DV25 (estimated)
937.5 MB
PAL DV converted from muxed MPEG-2 with DropDV
1.01 GB
PAL DV shot on a handycam ( *** )
1.01 GB
QuickTime Component video
1.5 GB
DV50 (estimated)
1,875 GB
525i30 NTSC raw
2.575 GB
625i25 PAL raw
3.106 GB
YUV420 converted from muxed MPEG-2 with Compression Master
4.43 GB
SDI format A—Composite NTSC (143 Mbps)
5.362 GB
D-cinema, 24 fps 1920
1080 delivered on HDCAM
5.96 GB
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