Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
IP Transport of audio and video using SDP and RTP/RTSP
Storage in MPEG-4 file format (.mp4)
The ISMA 2.0 specification begins to look at open standards-based multimedia in the
enterprise with these work items:
Rich-media object synchronization
Closed captioning
Enterprise DRM
Live server failover specification
ISMA 1.0 Profiles 0 and 1
The Internet Streaming Media Alliance (ISMA) was formed by a group of interested com-
panies who wished to simplify the development of streaming services, servers, and play-
ers by defining some constraints on performance and bit-rate requirements. These address
the optimal service levels for modem-delivered video, broadband-delivered video, and
higher-bit-rate services on fast networks. The two profiles that have been published to
date are compared in Table H-2.
The parameters specified by these profiles are carefully chosen to be practical, given
the current technological capabilities. They are developed in consultation with other stan-
dards bodies. Note that the 3GPP mobile profile is substantially the same as ISMA profile 0
but is designed for mobile devices.
H-2 ISMA Version 1.0 Profiles
Profile 0
Profile 1
Narrowband and wireless
Broadband. This is a superset of
Profile 0 and allows a richer
browsing experience.
MPEG-4 Part 2 video, Simple
MPEG-4 Part 2 video, Simple
Profile, Level 1
Profile, or Advanced Simple
Profile, Level 3
Raster size
144 (QCIF)
288 (CIF)
Frame rate
15 fps
30 fps (assumed to mean 25 in
High-Quality Audio Profile at
High-Quality Audio Profile at
Level 2. CELP and
Level 2. CELP and low-
low-complexity AAC.
complexity AAC.
Sample rate
Up to 48 KHz
Up to 48 KHz
Max bit rate
64 Kbps
1.5 Mbps
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