Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Although the ProCoder software and ProCoder Station only work on Windows,
because the workflow mechanisms are also able to receive input files via FTP, they can be
integrated with workflows that are built on Mac OS X and use Final Cut Pro.
Dicas offers a range of plug-ins and encoders that work on the Windows platform. The
company focuses on H.264 presentation and has products that work with Direct Show
APIs. The DS Suite offers support for MPEG-4, 3GPP, and AVC (H.264). Interestingly, you
can buy just those modules that you need, which can help you save on cost.
The manufacturers of the LiveStage application for manipulating wired QuickTime
movies develop this. HipFlics is designed to be simple to use and to exploit the coding
capabilities built into QuickTime.
Nero Digital
The Nero Digital encoder supports the MPEG-4 Part 2 video encoder and also supports
H.264. The audio is processed using High-Efficiency AAC. This encoder can be installed
on a PC operating system or embedded into an encoder/decoder chipset.
ViewCast manufactures the Niagra SCX software, which is useful for controlling a suite of
Osprey-based streaming-video encoders in a RealNetworks video-encoder farm. This soft-
ware is bundled with the Niagra encoder hardware system.
Vitec Multimedia manufactures MPEG encoding and decoding solutions as well as other
ancillary tools.
Supplier Contact Details
Table C-2 summarizes the contact details for a selection of suppliers and software appli-
cations that you may find helpful.
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