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Software Encoder Suppliers
This list is compiled from research done at several IBC and NAB conferences as well as
news of product updates and releases. The listings are not exhaustive, of course. (A few
companies whose products are particularly interesting are discussed in some detail in
Chapter 30.) They are arranged in alphabetical order here so as not to imply any special
preference. There is no need to describe the well-known companies, but here is a list of
most well known, followed by more detailed descriptions of the other software suppliers.
Apple QuickTime
Real Networks
Popwire Technology
For Linux Users
Much of what goes on with video on the Linux operating system is the result of a com-
munity of hard-working enthusiasts pooling their efforts for everyone's mutual benefit.
We are starting to see some interest from manufacturers, with a few products being deliv-
ered on the Linux platform in addition to Windows and Mac OS.
Many of these tools work from the command line, and this provides a way to build
automated workflows since you can easily wrap command-line functionality in shell
If you want to build a Linux-based system, then check out the following:
Karl Beckers' xvidcap application.
The gui driven version of xvidcap is gvidcap.
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