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Figure 39-1 Newsnight demo picture.
Envivio is to be commended for its work on the interactive aspects of the MPEG-4
standard. Envivio and the Fraunhofer Institute are members of a very select community
of researchers that are driving this forward.
You should consult Envivio for details of its authoring tools. The Envivio plug-in will
be required until Apple, RealNetworks, and Microsoft implement BIFS support natively in
their players. If you are requesting the Envivio plug-in, it is rather bad manners to be
obtaining it so as to play content you created with its competitor's products. The honor-
able thing is to talk to Envivio staff about doing some business with them if you are plan-
ning to exploit their generosity in providing a player plug-in.
Compliance Recording of Interactivity
The same rules on compliance recording apply to interactive and multimedia content. This
is quite a tough nut to crack. Recording the interactive material requires that you look at
the recording process in a completely different way.
Compliance recording of video is based on replacing an analog system with some-
thing that simply digitizes the analog content. To preserve the interactive data that was
transmitted, it is necessary to extract the relevant parts of the data stream and record them.
This allows the digital video be extracted and stored as well. A wholly digital approach
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