Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Run the compression jobs on the fastest computers you can find. This will
result in encoding with smoother motion, more detail, and better sound and
will allow you to access the higher data rate setting more easily. It will also
get the job done more quickly!
end of the scale and under the “roll your own” heading is an AppleScript-driven work-
flow built around an application that uses QuickTime. Even the humble movie player run-
ning on an installation that has been blessed with a QuickTime Pro license becomes a very
powerful tool with the addition of some AppleScript support.
For batch-based workflows, use Telestream Flip Factory, Sorenson Squeeze,
Discreet Cleaner, Popwire Compression Master, or Apple Compressor.
Most of the compression tools implement batch processing in one way or another.
Many use a watch folder approach. This is a folder that they monitor for the arrival of new
files and then process them as soon as they are noticed.
Quality-Assurance Processes
There are various places in the end-to-end process where quality assurance should moni-
tor the performance of your systems. The incoming picture quality must be checked. This
is normally a subjective analysis and one person may not notice any artifacts whereas
another may be totally horrified by what he or she perceives as terrible quality.
Quality costs money. Cheap tools are of poor quality, so always buy the best
you can afford.
This is a very difficult thing to mechanize since the measurement of picture quality is
such a human-oriented task. Mechanical principles might be applied by running
decoders and differencing the compressed copy against the original. This is going to at
least triple the time taken to process the video because of the unpacking and compari-
son processes requiring a similar compute power and additional storage to be made
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