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Aspect ratios
Original material could have been shot on larger stock and then reduction-printed down
to 35mm for distribution. Aspect ratios broadly fall into three categories:
Normal aspect ratio that roughly corresponds to 4:3 on a TV set
Wide screen, which is somewhat equivalent to 16:9 on TV
Ultra-wide screen, which has to be cropped or letterboxed to fit a TV
Figure 4-4 shows the difference between these aspect ratios. A lot more of the
scenery is visible with the wider aspect ratios. In fact, on extremely wide screen presen-
tations, the human peripheral vision is included within the viewing angle. This creates an
impression of being immersed in the movie. TV does not adequately convey this impres-
sion, and it is one reason why we still enjoy going to the cinema to see those big block-
buster movies.
Ultra wide screen
Figure 4-4 Cinema aspect ratios.
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