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Encoding—Go for It!
On the Home Stretch
We are nearly at our journey's end. This is where we make the final choice about how our
video is going to be compressed and commit to that processing job to create the final out-
put. Everything we've done up to now has been geared toward this part of the process,
and yet it seems such a small and insignificant step by itself.
Recall that at the beginning of the topic, I said it was all about the context and the
preprocessing and that the compression itself was a rather trivial part of the process. Now
that will be borne out.
The Big Compromise
When we started this journey I talked about video compression being a compromise. This
is where that compromise takes place.
You may want all of the following:
High quality
Low bit rate
Full frame rate
Fast encoding
Low cost
You may be able to accomplish two or perhaps three of these, but only at the expense
of the ones you are prepared to sacrifice.
An analog digital video recorder (DVR) that is live-recording the off-air signal
cannot drop frames. So it must compromise on quality in order to maintain the
throughput. The compromise on bit rate has more to do with the available storage
capacity in a PVR. The capacity is measured in hours according to the recording quality
you select.
High-performance encoding systems for industrial-strength solutions are not likely
to be cheap.
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