Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
1. Discard the footage.
2. Have a rocket scientist process your footage through the NASA JPL space mission
imaging system.
3. Live with it.
4. Re-record the program at a later date.
5. Re-orient your antenna to receive from a different transmitter.
6. Relocate your antenna so it doesn't receive its line-of-sight signal through the trees.
Co-Channel Interference
Co-channel interference (Figure 36-8) is probably the hardest kind of noise to remove. It is the
consequence of atmospheric conditions causing a transmitter elsewhere to broadcast over an
exceptionally wide range at the same frequency as the channel you want. The video is usu-
ally almost synchronized, but slightly offset from the one you are watching and recording.
Figure 36-8 Co-channel interference.
1. Discard the footage.
2. Blur the image a little if the effect is not severe.
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