Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Preparing to Encode Your Video
This chapter (as do the ones that follow) covers the practicalities of encoding good-looking
video. The consensus among compressionists (experienced practitioners in video com-
pression) is that this is a mixture of art, craft, and science. The bulk of the work involves
preprocessing the video before the compression begins.
The Workflow
The process follows an ordered sequence that is broken into several major sections:
Bringing the video into the system—ingesting
Temporal preprocessing—dealing with timing
Spatial preprocessing—dealing with sizing
Color correction—grading and picture quality
Noise removal—cleaning it up
Audio preparation
Encoding the content
Postprocessing and delivery
Figure 31-1 shows this in a little more detail, and each of these topics is covered in
the following chapters.
If all you want to do is remove some noise from the video and everything else is OK,
then go straight to Chapter 36, where we discuss noise removal. Likewise, if you are just
restoring some old footage, then go directly to Chapter 34. That's where we cover
scratches, tracking errors, and repair of damaged film.
Performing the preprocessing operations in the right logical order is key to reducing
the encoding workload. If this is all happening inside the one tool, then these operations
will be done in the right sequence. However, if you are using different tools for each step,
then it is important to do the right things first. What you choose do at the preprocessing
stage will materially affect your output.
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