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Merge an unlimited number of items.
Import audio files as background music.
Add transition effects.
Create a custom photo slideshow.
For more details, check out the AVI Joiner Web page.
RE:Vision Effects—Plug-Ins
The FieldsKit plug-in, made by RE:Vision Effects, works with After Effects, Final Cut Pro,
Combustion, Premier Pro, and GenerationQ editing and other effects tools. It provides
more sophisticated de-interlacing tools than you normally find in any of these tools.
Check their web site for details of platform compatibility, as this can change as new
support is added.
Other useful tools in RE:Vision Effects' library include pixel repair, image smoothing,
and creative text effects.
Red Giant Plug-Ins
Two of the Red Giant plug-ins are particularly useful for compressionists. The FilmFix
plug-in is designed to help cure problems that happen during processing of film footage
that has already been ingested. Seams and tears can be repaired. Stabilization, dust,
scratches, sparkles, and non-severe flickering can be dealt with as well.
The Magic Bullet plug-in is designed to soften the harsh nature of video to make it
look more like film. More details of these and other tools can be found at the Red Giant
web site.
Audio Tools
You may need to think about doing some remedial work on your audio. Table 30-10 lists
some tools to consider for use on Mac OS X.
If you are doing a wide variety of work with different codecs and have a reasonably large
and complex setup, then it would be worthwhile to invest in some analysis tools. These
might be hardware or software tools. You will want to analyze the analog input signals as
well as the encoded outgoing digital bit stream.
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