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gamma correction you apply in the tool won't be compromised by settings in the operat-
ing system.
Further testing will be necessary to get optimal results, and as a word of caution, you
probably want to get these conversion tools installed and tested well before you must
deploy them on a paying job.
Note that if you already have a compression application that decodes MPEG-2 mul-
tiplexed files, you probably don't need DropDV. For example, the Popwire Compression
Master does a very competent job of de-multiplexing MPEG-2 files. This is sometimes
referred to as demuxing.
If you want to operate on ASF files outside of your video editor, then the AsfTools appli-
cation is what you need. It is a free utility for working on ASF, WMV, and WMA files.
These are the sorts of things it helps with:
Joining files together
Splitting files apart
Repairing broken files
Converting ASF or WMV format to AVI
Extracting audio to WAV files
Converting WMV1 or WMV2 format to MP43
Making stream files “seekable”
Creating ASX files
This application will only work on Windows platforms. There is more information
about AsfTools at the MyAsfTools web site.
AVI Joiner
If you have MPEG content stored in AVI files, then AVI Joiner may be useful. It will join
multiple AVI, DivX, MPEG, MPG, and WMV ASF files together into one large movie file
and create slideshows with music from photos and images.
The application is not free, but it is not very expensive either. AVI Joiner will allow
you to accomplish the following kinds of tasks:
Output AVI DivX, MPG, MPEG, WMV ASF, VCD, DVD, and SVCD compliant
Join any AVI/MPG/WMV/ASF files into one file.
Preview the output before joining.
Change the order of items.
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