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Table 30-8 Power Tools for Compression Assistance (Continued)
This is a very useful stabilization tool at a good price point. If
you only need to steady some video, buying After Effects may
be overkill and something like this may do everything you need.
This is an MPEG-4 encoder designed to creating content to be
delivered to a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). It is based on
the Open source Shiiva video tools.
Kino is a quite basic alternative for Linux users. You need to
install other packages to get special effects, but the scriptable
command line provides access to a lot of video processing
One interesting tool called FFmpeg is available as an open-source utility on
FFmpeg is a complete solution for recording, converting, and streaming audio and
video. It includes the libavcodec, the leading audio/video codec library. FFmpeg is prima-
rily developed on Linux, but it is supported on most operating systems, including Windows.
Pay shareware fees. It encourages the developer and leads to more new soft-
ware for you to download.
A recent addition to FFmpeg is support for Sony's portable PlayStation handheld
unit (PSP). Table 30-9 summarizes the component parts that are provided with FFmpeg.
The download kit is available at the FFmpeg web site.
DropDV and Embedded Audio
Some systems will expect the audio and video to be stored in separate files. This has some
advantages if you want to work on them separately and then combine them later on.
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