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Table 30-7 Video-Editing Tools for Compressionists (Continued)
QuickTime movie player
If you install QuickTime it is well worth the small fee to
upgrade to the Pro license. It unlocks all kinds of extra features
in the player and your QuickTime installation. The movie
player application is capable of editing files and then exporting
them in other formats. QuickTime has a lot of codecs built in,
although it is fair to say that some of them are not the best
implementations available. A lot of them are unique and not
available anywhere else.
Windows Movie Maker
A Windows-only equivalent to the iMovie application. Movie
Maker supports similar functionality allowing you to add
transitions and effects. It has built-in titling capabilities as well.
Ulead Video Studio
This tool is useful for editing and assembling video files. It can
also translate files for archive in DVD, VCD, or SVCD format.
Ulead Photo Explorer
Useful for viewing and trimming video files. It can also be
used for viewing and editing photo files.
This is a Windows-based MPEG file editor that may be useful
if you just want to cut some video without having to convert it
Power Tools
Sometimes when you have an especially nasty input file, you will have to deploy some
heavyweight tools. Maybe the video you are producing has tears, jaggies, bad sync, and
so much gate weave that it is hard to focus on. Or maybe it's just in the wrong format, has
the wrong frame rate, or needs some restoration. Fixing some of those problems is not for
the faint of heart unless you have the help of some power tools.
Table 30-8 lists the kind of tools you might find useful. If you only buy one tool, make
it Adobe After Effects. Each has unique and useful capabilities, however, and if you can-
not solve your problem with one of them it is likely that one of the others could do it.
The thing is to think laterally. Any application that imports or exports a QuickTime
movie is a candidate for adding to your power tools collection.
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