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In-Depth Information
In addition to the formats in Table 30-6, Flip Factory will access many common
broadcast- and production-compatible edit systems. Video servers allow access to the file
stores with whatever protocols are supported. These are often Ethernet based protocols
such as FTP. For this reason you should try to find equipment with an Ethernet or Firewire
connector as well as video I/O. Then you can bridge between the two worlds of IT and
video production more easily.
Other Available Tools
There are many other tools available for encoding, but it is impossible to cover them all
here. Appendix C provides details of some other companies and their products.
Ancillary Tool Kits
There is a variety of tool kits available for manipulating files. You might buy some expen-
sive and powerful tools, but it is more likely that you will find all you need by searching
the web for some open-source alternatives. I have highlighted several here but there are
many others. It is a good idea to build up a toolkit of utilities like these to dig yourself out
of a hole when you have to.
Download trial versions. There is sometimes a promotional code for a price
reduction on the full version.
If you want to do some video and audio editing, there are a range of tools that are
either provided with the operating systems at no charge or are quite inexpensive to buy.
Don't forget that you may need some audio-editing software, too.
Video-Editing Tools
There will be many occasions when you must trim or modify some video before encoding
it. Having one of the various nonlinear editing tools around will solve the problem, and it
need not be expensive. Table 30-7 lists some popular video-editing tools.
You should install one of these on your compression system. Final Cut Pro would be
ideal on the Macintosh although you already have several other alternatives installed there by
default as factory-fitted items. Adobe Premier is a good all-around choice for Windows users.
Avid DV Express may also be appropriate, but you will probably not need to install both.
Buy all the options you think you might need when you purchase the software.
The supplier may no longer offer them if you later decide you want them.
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