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Popwire Technology Compression Master
The Compression Master application from Popwire Technology is a more recently engi-
neered product than Squeeze and Cleaner. It is part of a family of products aimed at the
semi-professional and professional user. The complete suite of tools can be scaled up to
large multi-processor or clustered enterprise-sized systems. The Popwire Technology
products are an alternative to Flip Factory by Telestream. You would choose one or the
other according to whether your workflow is Mac OS or Windows based. The complete
suite of Popwire products includes the following:
Compression Master
Compression Engine
Ingestion Engine
Broadcaster (Mac OS)
Live Engine (Linux)
The user interface for Compression Master is constructed around a main window,
which is shown in Figure 30-4.
Figure 30-4 Compression Master main window.
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