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Figure 30-3 Discreet Cleaner 6 progress and statistics window.
with other applications on the Mac OS platform. Table 30-2 lists the formats that Cleaner
In addition to the video formats listed in Table 30-2, Cleaner also imports and exports
a variety of audio files, still images, and animation files.
The future availability of Cleaner is unclear. There have not been any updates for
some time, and although the software works fine, there are new formats coming along
(such as H.264), which may require an upgrade for Cleaner to be able to take advantage
of them. It is unconfirmed but likely that we shall see new Discreet video-compression
tools during 2005. In the meantime, version 6 of Cleaner is still a usable and robust tool.
More information is available at the Discreet web site.
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