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Setting Up Your Encoding Software
Chapter 29 looked at the various hardware components and subsystems that comprise our
compression systems. Most of that is generic hardware and it is a question of working out
how much disk space and what accessories are required. Your system will not do any
video compression until the vital software components are added. This chapter examines
your software alternatives. The following categories of software are relevant:
Video-editing tools
Video-compression tools
Power tools for modifying video
Gadgets and widgets (small, special-purpose tools)
There are many video-compression tools to choose from. Those few that are included here
are not an exhaustive selection, and you may know of other alternatives. You will not have
to buy all of these tools, although a fully configured system equips you to tackle any job
that crops up. You may find a lot of what you need is available as shareware, freeware, or
open source. It need not be as expensive to set up a system as you first thought.
Note what you installed—where, when, and especially if you changed any-
thing. This is very important if you have a farm of machines. They can easily
get out of step with one another.
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