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Figure 29-13 Mac OS disk utility RAID setup.
Don't connect too many devices to a FireWire interface unless they are powered
separately. A FireWire hub helps distribute auxiliary power, but it cannot supply
enough to run a 6-drive RAID array. Those drives should be independently
USB Connectivity
USB is primarily used for connecting keyboards, mice, and other low-throughput auxil-
iary devices. It is used for digital still cameras and scanners and for synchronizing PDA
devices. FireWire is used for higher-resolution or higher-performance systems and is
favored for digital video (using the DV protocols).
As USB gets faster, it is being developed as an audio and video interface. For exam-
ple, some domestic TV on PC receivers will deliver its output to the USB port on your PC.
Video on USB
The USB Implementers Forum is developing video capabilities, and they publish their
work as a USB Video Device Class specification. Other standards cover the use of USB as
a bridge to Ethernet connectivity.
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