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Figure 29-5 A job done well is a job done right. Source: courtesy of ADC Telecommunications.
Ethernet Speed (10, 100, or 1000 Base-T)
Networks are fast. But they may not be fast enough. Oddly enough, networks can be faster
than disks although they are often assumed to be slower. A 10 Base-T Ethernet network
will not deliver the performance you need unless you are prepared to do your file trans-
fers overnight.
A 100 Base-T Ethernet network is probably capable of servicing a pair of edit work-
stations from some shared storage so that two editors can be working at once.
If you have a bigger team and a bit more money for better-quality wiring and a larger
number of machines, then 1000 Base-T or Gigabit Ethernet is desirable. Beyond that, you
get into crazy money spent on fiber-optic networks and switches, and at that level you
probably care less about the cost as long as the performance is good enough.
Don't write to a network-mounted drive. It is very slow. Every line that is writ-
ten to a file is another network transaction. Copying whole files across the
network is far more efficient.
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